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UEFA Nations League 19th Nov,2020:England v Iceland Betting Tips & Predictions

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England and Iceland have determined that they will not qualify, and Iceland has been downgraded from A gear ahead of schedule. Although the contest between the two sides will not have any impact on the result, this game is of great significance to both sides.


Battle of Names


England players

England defeated Belgium 0-2 away in the last round, and recently suffered a losing streak in the UEFA Europa League series. At present, only 7 points after 5 rounds of group games are ranked third in the group. There is no possibility of qualifying for the team. The overall morale must not be too high. In fact, England has recently encountered a lot of trouble on the offensive end. The team lacks enough counter-attacking speed in the absence of Rashford, which is more deadly for them who are not good at positional warfare. In addition to the stadium, there have been three “cod wars” between England, where England is located, and Iceland.

Today it seems that the living standard of Icelanders is higher than that of the British, but Iceland, which had just separated from Denmark in the 1950s, was not so lucky. At that time, apart from geothermal resources, the only thing Iceland could rely on was the fishery resources of the North Atlantic fisheries, especially cod. The cod resources near the Icelandic waters have aroused the jealousy of other European countries. Especially the United Kingdom has come here many times to fish.

For this reason, there were three cod wars between Britain and Iceland. Although Iceland is at an absolute disadvantage in terms of absolute strength, they cleverly used their geographical advantages to cause NATO to mediate. After three cod wars, the Icelanders had the last laugh. Some fishing ports in England declined.


Iceland players

For Iceland, 2020 is full of upsets. In the European League, Iceland, which was placed in the A position, did not get any victory, and lost all against Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark. Before playing against England, Iceland also swallowed the bitter pill of a 1-2 loss at home. The record of a complete defeat in the European League is not enough. Iceland’s trip to the European Cup qualifiers has hit Iceland particularly hard.

In the European Cup qualifiers, Iceland is in the same group as France, Turkey, Albania, Andorra and Moldova. In the sixth round of the European preliminaries, after Iceland lost to Albania in an away game, it gave up the initiative to qualify to Turkey. In the end, Iceland fell behind Turkey by 4 points and missed the chance to directly qualify for the 2020 European Cup.

As all previous A-level teams advanced, Iceland qualified for the play-offs. In the semi-finals of the play-offs, Iceland eliminated Romania and advanced to the final. This month’s European Cup play-off final, Iceland faced Hungary. In the first half, the Icelandic team once achieved a 1-0 lead with Sigurzson’s goal. However, the team was reversed by Mazar at the last minute and unfortunately missed the European Cup qualification.

Meet on a narrow road, the brave wins

In this game, the major companies have offered the index for the home team to make two goals. The resistance is not small, but from a realistic point of view, England has received more support, from the half of the ball to the current two-goal index. The outside world is optimistic about this team.

Even if it is out, they can get a unified support. The signal is self-evident. England has a clear home court advantage. Entering the four games that began in October, they won 3 The record of wins and 1 loss was just that they failed to win Denmark. They are as proud as England. Even if they want to retire, they must withdraw with dignity. Iceland is far inferior to England in terms of strength and formation. In the previous 5 rounds, they All are defeated situations. It can be seen that there is a lack of combat experience. The battle against weak Iceland will make England a perfect ending.

Betting Tips & Predictions

Full Time Result:England to Win.

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