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Manchester City’s front line exposes fatal flaws, targeting Serie A’s Vlahovic after Haaland and Kane(20/08/2021)

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Last weekend, Manchester City, the defending champions of this year’s English Premier League, welcomed their strong rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the first round of the EPL.

After a 90-minute battle, City was defeated by Tottenham Hotspur 0-1, which obviously did not satisfy the fans, after all, City could not afford the loss of any game in order to win the championship.

Gralish is not yet adapted to Manchester City

In this game, Gralish, who was introduced by Manchester City at a huge cost, played very poorly in the game. The whole game was outside of City’s system, which made many fans worry. I believe that with Guardiola’s level, he will be able to play the role he should with time.

Manchester City

Manchester city is in dire need of a capable striker

But this game also exposed a very fatal shortcoming of Manchester City. In the striker position Jesus is already unable to be of great use, and there is no qualified replacement for him in the City team.Although Gündogan broke out last season with some scoring ability, but the German is not a traditional scorer after all.

It is imperative for City to find a striker who is capable and can take up the burden of scoring goals. Otherwise, in this year’s Premier League, Manchester City will face the embarrassment of being powerless like the last game.

Of course, Guardiola understands the plight of the team today. They have been actively looking for a strong striker in the transfer market since they brought in Glalish in the summer window this year.

No progress in the pursuit of Kane and Haaland

City has been trying to offer Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, and the fact that Kane didn’t play in the last round against City seems to be a sign of things to come.

But Tottenham Hotspur is not satisfied with the offer for Kane, and City has raised the transfer fee again and again, but still did not impress Tottenham.According to media reports, City’s offer has now reached 100 million euros plus player swap, but Spurs still insist on adding 150 million euros. Apparently the 28-year-old Kane is worth a lot of money but not at that price, so the deal is in a stalemate and not progressing.

Obviously not wanting to spend the summer window waiting, Manchester City shifted their targets from the Premier League and started looking for Borussia Dortmund’s youngster Harland in the Bundesliga.

The player is currently being offered up to 130 million euros in the German transfer market, and it is still unknown whether the nearly 21-year-old Harland can adapt to the Premier League. The player’s ability to adapt to the Premier League is still unknown.‘

The famous European agent Mendes has been recommending Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester City when they are negotiating the transfer of Cancelo, but City obviously does not want to pay a high transfer fee for Ronaldo who is already 36 years old. Juve also wants to sell Ronaldo to get rid of his high salary, and it is not clear whether the deal will eventually be successful.


Manchester City make an offer for Dusan Vlahovic

There are also reports that Manchester City have already made an offer with Serie A’s Purple Lily Vlahovic, and both teams have already started discussions with the player about his personal treatment.If it goes this far, it proves that the two clubs are in agreement and only a deal is left to be finalized.

Vlahovic scored 21 goals for Fiorentina last season, ranking fourth in the Serie A scoring charts. Now nearly 21 years old, Vlahovic’s price in the German transfer market is 60 million euros, comparing with the expensive Kane and Harland, and the aging Ronaldo, Vlahovic obviously meets City’s expectations.

If this deal does come to fruition, I believe both Mendes and Spurs will be incredibly disappointed, after all, they both want to get all the benefits from City. And Vlahovic is very young, and as long as he grows sufficiently at City, then City will be free from forward troubles in the next few years, and this might be a multi-benefit transfer.

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