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Share the rules and techniques of football betting experts

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As well as having an entertainment function, football betting is more likely to bring you wealth. In the field of football betting, veteran players have five tips to share with each other.

Everything is possible

Chance and unpredictability are part of the charm of football betting. There are many factors that determine the winner of a game on a football field, and in today’s fast-paced professional football, any small factor is enough to sway a game.

Therefore, the first rule of football betting is: Nothing is impossible, even if you are 99.9% sure of the outcome of the match. But also remember that 0.01% risk, do not blindly backwater.

techniques of football betting

Team strength is key

Although the football field is unpredictable, in the end it is the strength of the team that counts. Since the Bosman Act, the division between the rich and the poor in the world of football has become more and more serious, and the best players are gradually concentrated in a few gigantic clubs, which is called the “European giants”.

At present, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern are the giants of their respective leagues. They have the best players, they are consistent in their respective leagues, they can always break down their opponents, and they can keep their unbeaten home record for a long time.

Therefore, when predicting home games for these big clubs, winning is the first thing to consider.

About “cold goals”

The so-called “cold streaks” in football are generally the following: (1) When a weaker team beats a stronger team, often at the home of the weaker team. (2) When a strong team is at home and fails to score for a long time. These two situations are generally the most common.

In fact, this situation is quite understandable, the weak team in their home field must want to give a wonderful game in front of their own fans, often the opening will offer three axes, once the strong team is not fully prepared, concede first, it will be very difficult to play later, there is another possibility, the weak team often only need to prepare for domestic matches, so more focused, while the strong team often have a lot of events, in addition to domestic events and international events, such as being distracted, especially in the final sprint of the season, in order to ensure the commitment and focus of key games, the club will often choose between several games, at this time, the possibility of a cold increase.

And when it comes to away games, the weaker teams put up a deadlocked state to test the ability of the stronger teams to break through dense defences. As we all know, breaking dense defences is a worldwide problem, and even strong teams such as Barcelona are sometimes at a loss, with only 90 minutes to play, and a change in mentality that could easily allow the weaker teams to sneak in instead, the above two situations need more attention.

techniques of football betting

Hot bets are not always the right ones

In football, the favourites don’t always win. The game may not be a simple one, but the battle between the two sides on the pitch is the result of a comprehensive game of strength both on and off the pitch.

With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake in a single match, only football has that kind of appeal. So often when a team is touted by the media and bookmakers to be too popular, we have to be careful.

The attitude of both sides towards the game

This is the most important point, and it is often most obvious at the sprint stage of the season: some teams are eager to win the title, others are desperate for points to stay up, and at this time there are often teams that have no desire to play a minor role.

As a result, the final outcome of such games often depends on the attitude of both sides, with the team with the greater desire to fight generally more likely to win.

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