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How can I get higher odds with multi-betting in online football betting?

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Accumulator bet

The accumulator bet is one of the most popular betting strategies. This strategy is particularly popular among beginners to betting. The article below will cover everything you need to know.

What is an Accumulator wager?

Multibet, also known as accumulator, is a combination of multiple bets (often called “legs”) that are either single games or whole games. Then you consolidate them into a single bet. Multi bets have the advantage that you can make a large profit by multiplying the odds from the various legs. This is why beginners love this form of betting.

The risk is high, however. The risk of missing an event increases as you must correctly guess each one. Your entire stake will be lost if you miss one. Accumulator betting is possible with many types of bets, including scorecast/win cast and handicap.

Accumulator Betting for Higher Odds Through Multiple Bets

Examples of an Accubet

You should not combine more than two or three legs to make your multi-leg bets profitable. It is best to choose the leg that is most likely to turn up (also called a “bank”) and then combine it with another that is less likely. This will increase your chances of winning and make it much more profitable than betting on just one event.

You should be confident in your wagers, even if they are riskier.

Example of a double (2 legs).

Multibet example of a Double Bet Leverkusen is a (kind of?) sure bet with odds of 1.29. The second leg is Eintracht Frankfurt-FC Augsburg at odds 2.15 on a Home Team-Win. You get 2.78 odds if you add these two odds. This is a much higher chance than betting on just one leg.

You can increase your odds of winning by adding another leg to your Multibet. This is known as a treble.

Example of a treble (3 legs).

Tipico: Triple accumulator Bet screenshot Remember that the greater number of games you combine, your risk is higher. We recommend that you add another sure-win bet to your third leg. Although this may not provide you with the best overall odds, it will give you a chance to win your bet.

Bank 1: Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen, Tip 1 (Odd 1.32) plus

Bank 2: Arsenal FC Manchester City Tip 2 (Odd 2.40), plus
Third leg: Liverpool FC at Aston Villa, Tip 1. (Odd. 1.25)

Your odds of winning the bet are 3.96, which is a very high number.

We recommend that you play only two banks with one leg, despite the high odds of winning when you combine more profitable bets and fewer banks.

What sports are suitable for accumulator betting?

Accubets can be used for only two opponents, whereas the game can only end in one of two ways. One opponent wins/loses and the other draws.

This strategy is especially great for football. To diversify your wager, you can place bets in multiple leagues. The games are also easier to wager on as the favorites often have the advantage and win. Other sports such as basketball, ice hockey, and tennis are also popular. You can find our odds and surebet calculator to help you calculate your odds.

It can make you money.

Professional betters are not fond of this type of betting system. It is difficult to predict the risks of multiple games. Experts believe luck is a key factor in these bets. You can only place an accumulator wager with one bookmaker, so you might not get the best odds for a particular leg.
You should not lose your mind in the fog of high odds. However, banks can help you slightly increase your odds. Our strategy for surebets can be found here.

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