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Prediction: Turkey vs Czech Republic 19 November 2022

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Turkey will take on Czech Republic. The match will take place on Saturday, November 19th. The

Turkish national team can prepare for the next cycle by working in a systematic and gradual manner. There have been many emotions lately. Shenol Gunesh was 3rd at the world championship and has successfully returned to his position. He expelled the Turks from pique, and accompanied them to last year’s Euro… He would then fail completely in the Euro qualifiers and would hand the position over to Stefan Kuntz. Still receiving positive reviews, the German still has high praises. He was able to place 2nd in the qualification in the fall of 2021. This placed him ahead of Norway in the dispute. However, Portugal lost in March to them away in the playoffs. In the League of Nations, it was possible to win the group earlier than planned. It was not enough to resolve the dispute with the Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, and Lithuanian opponents. The current “janissaries”, as they are known, began in their home stadium with Scotland. The match was won by them, but they had to overcome some difficulties. It ended in favor of Scotland with a score of 2-1.

Czech Republic performed very differently at both continental and international tournaments. It declared itself at the Euro immediately after breaking with Slovakia. In 1996, it lost the final due to Birkhoff’s “golden” goal. Although there were some good performances, the “silver” did not repeat. For example, “Lokomotiva”, which had not only lost the group but also defeated the Netherlands in playoffs, was beaten by Denmark in the quarterfinals. It is impossible to reach the world championships. They were also relegated to the same fate as Turkey this spring: at the first stage, Sweden was on the road. This was due to Quayson’s one goal in extra-time. Shilgavy is now building a team to compete in the new cycle. It was possible to defeat Faroe Islands by 5-0 this week. Now, however, there will be an away match with a formidable opponent.

In 1994, the Czech Republic faced the Turks for their first match. It is important to note the uncompromising nature the pair displayed: there was only one draw in the 10 matches. Although “Lokomotiv” still holds an advantage, it is very small, with 5 wins and 4 losses. The Turks have won twice, including at Euro-2016. Remember that this is a meeting between “home” teams, so bookmakers should keep in mind. This match is at home for Turkey, so it’s worth betting on their win.

Prediction: Turkey to Win.

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