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Shakhtar Donetsk and Celtic Prediction 14 September 2022

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Shakhtar Donetsk will take on Celtic in round 2 of the UEFA Champions League group stage. The match will take place at Stadion Wojska Polskiego in Warsaw on Wednesday, September 14.

Shakar Donetsk made its debut in a new look at the European competition last week. This was a very different version of the composition from a year ago. There was only one Lucas Taylor, instead of a lot of Brazilians. Although he moved from PAOK, he had previously played in Ukraine. The rest of the players on the first team were only national passport holders. In the tournament, Igor Jovicevich was made his debut as a coach. The Pitmen won RB Leipzig in Germany! They are indeed very fortunate. Shved opened the scoring with a playful Gulachi. Only the Germans won, but there was a win with a double rebound from the exact Maryan. However, 4-1 cannot be attributed solely to the bulls’ problems. Mudrik must be mentioned – it wasn’t for nothing that he wasn’t released in the summer to either the Premier League nor to the Bundesliga. He was part of the 2nd goal for the Swede. However, Traore scored the most important goal. Lassina scored after being substituted. This marked his return from injury.

Celt returned to the Champions League. It was a good thing that it wasn’t necessary to play a qualification, as in previous years. Scotland’s ranking has increased so much that the winner of the country was able to get a ticket to the group stage. The “hoops”, last season, were able to regain first place. Ante Postecoglu’s Wards are not going to hand the title over to anyone, as evident by their recent win over the Rangers. There is no domestic threat from anyone, except for neighbors. The international level was a disappointment, but it was not unexpected. Real Madrid visited Glasgow last Tuesday. Despite the overwhelming support from the fans and the injury suffered by Benzema early in the match, the Spanish giants won. The Celts held on for a little over half the time, until Vinicius Junior’s goal in the 56th minute. Modric and Hazard then scored, replacing Karim.

In 2004, and 2007, the clubs met in Champions League. They then exchanged home wins over one another. Shakhtar is considered the favorite by bookmakers. They still have to play in Poland so it is better to use a “zero handicap” for the Pitmen.

Prediction: Shakhtar Donetsk will win the match with 0.0 handicap.

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