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HomeTipsWest Ham United vs Leicester City:EPL Tips,Odds and Predictions(23/08/2021)

West Ham United vs Leicester City:EPL Tips,Odds and Predictions(23/08/2021)

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West Ham United

The biggest disadvantage for the hosts, West Ham United, this season is the return of Lingard, who has just led the team to good results, to Manchester United.It’s a shame for the whole team.

But the team has been busy in the transfer window this summer. The team has been very pragmatic in strengthening the defense with the loan of Parisian goalkeeper Arreola and the signing of Dawson.And they’ve managed to retain the Czech Republic’s popular midfielder, Souček .This is crucial for the whole of West Ham United’s midfield.

The team has done well in the warm-up games, winning 4 and drawing 1 out of 5. Including the first round of the league, the team scored 18 goals in 6 games, an average of 3 goals per game! The firepower is impressive.

This team is currently played with a very tough style, so whether they play 4231, or 442, they will create enough pressure on Leicester in the midfield.

As long as they keep their hot form, they still have a chance to continue their winning streak.

West Ham United vs Leicester City

Leicester City

The visitors, Leicester City, are a team of undoubted ability. This season I think the team should be able to make a difference in the Europa League.If it wasn’t for Paris’ previous indecision and Inter still considering it, Leicester really wouldn’t have been able to pick it up.

these two signings show the vision of Leicester City’s management.

Previously the team won the Community Shield with a win over Manchester City and took down Wolverhampton Wanderers in the first round of the league in a thrilling encounter.

Overall, the team is still looking good, but the team’s away ability has been mediocre.

Last season the team was beaten twice by the home team, but dominated in terms of possession and shots on goal.At the moment Leicester are also relatively well-staffed, and I believe that as long as they continue to maintain a high possession rate, they have a very good chance of revenge in this game.

West Ham United vs Leicester City

Comprehensive Analysis

Last season, although both games were defeats, Leicester’s squad was not complete at that time, and the possession rate was around 60% in both cases.

West Ham United is a team that has the advantage of playing a purely technical team, but once they meet a team with technical and hardness, the midfield advantage is not obvious.

The hosts are currently the favourites, with their form and previous season’s head-to-head all giving them an advantage, which gives the visitors plenty of room to play.

To sum up, I’d say the visitors are favoured to go undefeated for at least 90 minutes. They may even have a chance to take the three points.

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