HomeTipsFinland vs Ukraine:Predictions,Betting Tips, and Odds|World Cup Qualification(09/10/2021)

Finland vs Ukraine:Predictions,Betting Tips, and Odds|World Cup Qualification(09/10/2021)

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Finland will face Ukraine at home in Group D of the World Cup European qualifying round.


Finland is currently ranked 56th in the world, and the team’s overall performance this year is mediocre. In this summer’s UEFA Euros, although the team took down Denmark 1-0 in the first match of the group stage, they were cleaned sheets by Russia and Belgium in succession and did not qualify for the group.

In World Cup qualifying, Finland has won 1, drawn 2 and lost 1 out of 4 matches, including a 1-1 draw against Ukraine. With one less game to play, the team is currently ranked 3rd in the group, with the same number of points as the next-ranked Ukraine, and still has a good chance to compete for World Cup qualification.

The Finnish team is a second-rate team in the European competition. There are many players in the team who play in the top five leagues, but there are no big names. The current lineup continues to be led by Pukki and Hradecki, plus Lund, Ojala and Niskanen. Worth mentioning is goalkeeper Hradecki, who has won the Finnish Footballer of the Year four times and is the core of the team. The Finnish team has a cautious tactical style, focusing mainly on defense, in addition to good overall coordination.

Finland vs Ukraine:Predictions,Betting Tips, and Odds|World Cup Qualification(


The team is currently ranked 25th in the world. They have performed very well in the UEFA Euros this year, not only reaching the knockout stage, but also reaching the last 8, before finally meeting England and being eliminated.

However, in the World Cup European qualifiers, the team has been relatively mediocre, with all five group matches ending in draws. Although the team remained undefeated and ranked second in the group with 5 points, it did not open up the points gap with the teams behind them.If you want to get out of the group, you still need to actively get points and try to take off the hat of “draw master”.

In terms of the squad, most of the players in the team are playing in their home league. Yarmolenko, who plays for West Ham United, was also selected for this season’s squad, and his physical strength is good as he was not involved in the game against Brentford.

Although the Ukrainian team is not afraid of strong teams, facing teams such as France and Sweden have scored goals, but the back line still has a lot of gaps, which is a problem that the team needs to solve urgently.

Finland vs Ukraine:Predictions,Betting Tips, and Odds|World Cup Qualification(

Comprehensive Analysis

In the past meetings between the two teams, Finland has faced Ukraine for 3 times, with 1 draw and 2 losses.

Recently, the Finnish team is in general form, but the team’s defensive ability is good; while the Ukrainian team has the strength to grab points, but the line of defense performance is poor.

Combined with the current strength of the two sides, the Ukrainian team is still expected to take all three points to crack the embarrassment of draw.

Prediction:Ukraine to win @2.42

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