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How are the odds of the bookmaker calculated? There are 6 processes in total, you must know

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Brief explanation

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For example, Brazil VS China, only two results can be bought. Nine people each spent $1 to buy Brazil to win, and one person spent $1 to buy China to win. At this time, Brazil’s odds are 10/9 (1.111), and China’s odds are 10. The bookmaker lowers the odds in order to make a profit. Suppose that the bookmaker wants to make a profit of 0.5 USD, so the odds of Brazil are set to 1.056 and the odds of China are set to 9.5 (if Brazil wins, the bookmaker will make a profit of 10-1.056×9=0.5; if the Chinese team wins, it will make a profit. 10-9.5=0.5). When bookmakers set the odds, they are not based on their predictions of the outcome of the game, but to a large extent based on the public’s prediction of the game, and obtain a relatively stable profit. In fact, when you bet, you are not betting against the bookmaker as on the surface, but betting between the punters.
Of course, if you buy it only once, the result of winning or losing may happen. When you buy more than 30 times, the law of large numbers will ensure you make money.

Approximate process

betting skills
Football betting odds calculation process

The process of betting company bidding out odds for the game before the game is as follows:

Data collector

The company’s full-time and part-time personnel stationed at the location of each event will send first-hand information about the game back to the company headquarters to provide reference materials for the next procedure.

Tournament Analyst

Estimate and analyze the game based on data and related data, formulas, and predict the outcome of the game.


Estimate and organize the betting ratio based on the unique theory and calculation data, and then send it to the trader.

Main trader

Based on the above conclusions, match results, and betting ratios, the relevant odds and handicap are obtained.


Responsible for controlling the flow of funds during the betting process, raising and lowering the odds and handicap, and assisting the computer in the setting of betting funds.

Financial staff

Get the break-even point to analyze the profit before the game, complete the financial statement after the game, and get the profit and loss situation. The bookmaker uses this information to determine the outcome of the game and control the odds and handicap.


betting skills

Very powerful bookmakers have even been able to get the final exact results, because the strength gap between superstars and substitutes is extremely large, and the team’s fighting intentions for each game are also very different. Bookmakers who understand these situations are completely OK. Specific results are predicted. Some game betting companies feel that the strength of the two sides is similar, and at this time they will deal with them according to the tendency of large funds. Most of the total betting in the betting market is created by some big money, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus and other strong teams. Big money likes to buy them to win. If the bookmaker thinks the probability of winning is high, they will depress them. Odds, if you think it will be upset, a slightly higher odds will be given, of course, sometimes the temptation will be released so that players can’t guess. After the start of the game, it enters the stage of in-play. The betting volume of in-play accounts for 60-80% of the total betting volume. In-play is controlled by software. If one team has a dangerous attack, the odds will be lowered. The betting company The rolling ball software is also in continuous improvement, but in the end it is doing everything possible to maintain the company’s best interests.

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