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Explanation of Total Bets—— Sports Betting Type II(2021)

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In addition to moneyline bets, other common types of sports betting are Total Bets. in this article, we will share with you detailed information related to Total Bets that can help you make more valuable decisions when betting.

What is Total Bets and Over/Under Bets

Total Bets, also known as Over/Under Bets in other parts of the world besides the United States, represent the same type of bet. In order not to confuse you while browsing the article, we will keep referring to it as Total Bets.

In Total Bets, all you have to do is place a bet on the total number of points scored by both teams in a game.The bookmaker will use fine calculations to post a specific score before the game, and what you should do is guess the outcome of the game to be above / under it. The probability of these two outcomes occurring is supposed to be close.

Total Bets results focus on the actual total score of the final match. If the game goes into overtime, the points scored during the overtime period are also counted towards the total. In this type of betting, it does not matter which team wins in the end.

Total Bets


score in advance as a whole number, your bet will end in a draw if the actual score at the end is exactly equal to the announced score. The bookmaker will need to refund your bet in full to the bettor.

Push occurs when the bookies publish scores in whole numbers, such as 2, 3, 4, etc. So is there any way to avoid the appearance of push? If you have a careful eye you will find that most of the time the scores released by the bookies contain 0.5. Since 0.5 never occurs in soccer matches, this effectively prevents bets from being tied.

Detailed explanation of Total Bets

The total score of most soccer matches is relatively low. The average number of goals scored in a typical situation is around 2.5.

In the matchup between the New York Bulls and Inter Miami in just two days, let’s say the bookmaker posts an early score of 3.5. If you think the final goal total should be 1 or 2, then you can bet on less than 3.5. Conversely, if you think both teams are stronger offensively and more defensively lax, there will be more chances to score. You can bet on the total score above 3. 5 points.

And the bookies nowadays, in order to attract more people to place bets, will allow you to bet on any of the possible total score outcomes. Of course, to ensure their own profits, they will set different odds for a particular total score. The higher the odds, the less likely it is; The lower the odds, the more likely the result is to happen.

Let’s use as an example the real-time data of the game between New York Bulls and Inter Miami found from the online site.

Total Bets

As we can see from the chart, you can bet on any particular outcome you want , but the odds are different for each choice. If you choose over0.5 or under5. the odds for these two are the lowest, indicating that they are a high probability event. But even if you win, the profit you make is meager.

The exact amount of money you should bet, given your knowledge of the sport, also depends on your own money situation and aversion to risk.

What we can bet on

Do you think Total Bets can only be used to bet on the total score of a race? In fact, it’ s possible to bet on many other options.

For example, we can use Total Bets to bet on the number of yellow cards shown by the referee in a soccer match, or the number of minutes a player plays in a match. All of these can be bet on with Total Bets.


Total Bets is a bet type suitable for beginners when they are new to betting. It has simple rules and is quick to get started. In order to optimize your betting experience, it is recommended that you get familiar with more betting rules before trying a complex betting type.

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