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HomeNewsCristiano Ronaldo's arrival brings huge financial gains to Manchester United(12/09/2021)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival brings huge financial gains to Manchester United(12/09/2021)

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Cristiano Ronaldo, back after 12 years, made his debut for Manchester United against Newcastle in the Premier League, scoring twice to help his team to a 4-1 win and 3 points.

With over 70,000 fans cheering and Ferguson in attendance, it couldn’t have been a more perfect debut for Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo scores 120 Manchester United goals

Ronaldo left United with 118 goals in 2009 and with the two goals he scored in this game, his goal tally at United is now 120.

It is said that in all the seasons since Ronaldo left United in 2009, there has only been one season in which he has not scored a total of 30 goals in all competitions, and in the rest of the seasons, Ronaldo has scored at least 30 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7’s shirt sales reached 187.1 million euros

According to data reported by the website Love the Sales, since United announced that Ronaldo had been confirmed in the number 7 shirt, the Portuguese’s number 7 shirt has reached £187.1 million in global sales, with United receiving a share of £13.1 million in sales, which has fully covered Ronaldo’s base transfer fee of £12.9 million.

Love the Sales statistics are as follows:

  1. Comparison of the sales of Ronaldo’s No. 7 Manchester United shirt with Messi’s No. 30 Paris shirt, which is twice as much.
  2. Ronaldo’s shirt is the best-selling in the history of the Premier League.
  3. a 600% increase in online searches for CR7 shirts compared to last summer
  4. 25% of official shirt distributors have sold out or are close to selling out of Manchester United shirts.
Manchester United

Manchester United’s market value soars by £270 million

Manchester United have made a fortune by snapping up Cristiano Ronaldo from their city rivals. The Sun states that just 2 weeks after signing Ronaldo, Manchester United’s market value has jumped by £271 million.

United fans around the world were thrilled to see Ronaldo return to the club after 12 years this summer amidst huge surprise. As soon as they found out that Ronaldo was leaving Juve, the United hierarchy decided to join the ‘fight’ and snatch Ronaldo from the hands of Manchester City. This proved to be a brilliant decision on the part of Manchester United’s owner Glazer.

The figures show that United’s share price has risen by 9.8 points, which is a very high figure. Overall, United’s total market value has risen by £271 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s business acumen

Apart from the financial gains he has made for Manchester United, Ronaldo is also actively expanding his business empire. The Sun newspaper today states that Ronaldo is thinking of venturing into the food sector, with his intention to start a ready meals business.

It is reported that Ronaldo’s legal team has filed documents with the UK Intellectual Property Office to protect the Ronaldo name and trademark on a number of product lines.

The food products for which Ronaldo has applied for protection include cooked meals made from meat, main courses made from seafood, prepared meals made from fish, prepared meals made from vegetables, cooked meals containing eggs, etc. Surprisingly, Crow’s application also included carrots.

The Sun claims that Cairo’s application has been approved and is valid for 10 years. Ronaldo is currently worth more than £350 million and has a clothing brand, hotel empire under his name.

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