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Ilaix Moriba attracts a lot of attention in the transfer market, Barca takes a tough stance on him(19/08/2021)

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While public opinion is focused on the transfer of Lionel Messi, there is another player in the Barcelona squad whose future hangs in the balance, the young midfielder Ilaix Moriba who comes from La Masia.

Moriba’s contract with Barca will expire next summer, and Barca has reportedly offered him a new contract until 2026. But so far, his contract extension with Barca has still not progressed.

Ilaix Moriba

Ilaix Moriba’s personal experience

Born in January 2003 to a Liberian father and a Guinean mother, Moriba joined Barça’s youth system at the age of seven and is a star figure at the club.

Moriba is considered to be a “new Pogba” type of midfielder compared to Pedri, another rising midfielder who has made a big splash this season. On one hand, he has a superb physical condition, and on the other hand, he received systematic technical and ballistic training at La Masia. Fans who have seen his play will be impressed by his prowess in the game.

According to some sources, it was because of Moriba that Barcelona passed on bringing in Dutch star Wijnaldum from Liverpool, who has a similar style to Moriba.

As a potential starlet whose contract is about to expire, Moriba has inevitably attracted a lot of attention in the transfer market. But he also has his own considerations for his future.

Moriba’s disagreement with Barcelona

The main disagreement between Moriba and Barca lies in the annual salary, and it is claimed that the package offered by Barca for Moriba does not meet the player’s own requirements.

Faced with only one year left on Moriba’s contract, Barca showed a tough attitude: either accept the club’s offer to extend his contract or spend the last year of his contract in the stands next season.

Ilaix Moriba

So far, neither Barca nor Moriba have shown any willingness to give in, which makes Moriba’s departure possible.

It’s hard for a player to accept wasting a year in the stands during a crucial period of growth, and Moriba’s courage to say “no” to Barca’s contract extension is due to the fact that the player himself has offers in hand for his outstanding performance last season.

The teams rumored to be interested in Moriba include Chelsea, Leipzig, Liverpool and other clubs.

Barca is reluctant to lose this future star

In fact, Barca is reluctant to lose the future star who the club has invested so much in and could bring many possibilities in the future.

Barca will not allow such disharmony as they are negotiating with the stars of the team to reduce their salaries. So, there are only three options in front of Moriba: either accept Barca’s contract and give in on his salary, or seek a transfer this summer, or choose to spend the last year of his Barca career in the stands.

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