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Jadon Sancho’s value has increased 10-fold in four years, joining Manchester United is finally a foregone conclusion

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The long-rumored Jadon Sancho transfer to Manchester United has finally been officially announced by Manchester United. The transfer fee is 85 million euros, with a weekly salary of 340,000 pounds and a 5-year contract.

triple win deal

It’s a triple win deal: United get their beloved Jadon Sancho; Sancho joins a more powerful club and he returns to play in his hometown; and Dortmund make a huge amount of money, who bought Sancho for only £8.5 million four years ago.

Jadon Sancho, who came from Manchester City’s youth academy, didn’t get a chance to play under Pep Guardiola and moved to Dortmund in order to play for the first team. At that time, Dortmund only paid 8.5 million pounds for Sancho, now Sancho moved to Manchester United for 85 million euros, a 10-fold premium in four years, Dortmund made a fortune. Dortmund’s operations are sufficient to maintain the club even if they do not rely on championship bonuses or ticket revenues, but only on the sale of players.

Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho’s performance at Dortmund

Jadon Sancho has played 137 games for Dortmund, contributing 50 goals and 64 assists. Last season, he contributed 8 goals and 12 assists. The number of goals is not too much, mainly because after Harland joined the team, the main goals were scored by Erling Haaland, and Sancho’s main task became to organize the attack and assist. This year, 21-year-old Sancho can be sold for 85 million euros can also see his excellent, Solskjaer warmly welcome the joining of Sancho.

“He’s got that DNA of exciting fans and entertaining, and he’s also a winner. He wants to win and that’s the next step for us,We need to take the next step, we want to take the next step, and we feel that he can help us do that.”Solskjaer said.

Sancho’s price has skyrocketed in four years, from £8.5 million to €85 million, and now the German transfer market is bidding for him at €100 million.

Jadon Sancho

Dortmund’s talent in buying and selling players

In addition to Sancho, Dortmund’s current player Haaland’s value has also skyrocketed. In December 2019, Dortmund spent €20 million to buy Haaland from Red Bull Salzburg and gave an additional €25 million in total to the agent and Haaland’s father.

Even with 45 million euros, Haaland is now worth up to 120 million euros. If Dortmund sells Harland this summer, it is possible to earn 100 million euros.

Adding to this is the fact that they also made a big profit on Dembele previously. Dortmund is really talented in buying and selling players.

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