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Kylian Mbappé proposes transfer deadline, expects Real Madrid to reply by August 1

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Kylian Mbappé, one of the best players in football today, is also the protagonist in the transfer market this summer. There are currently two directions regarding his future, staying in Paris or joining Real Madrid. According to the latest reports Mbappe has once again rejected the contract renewal offer from Paris, while Real Madrid side has no action at the moment.

Kylian Mbappé’s intentions

The closing date for both La Liga and Ligue 1 transfer windows is September 2. Although there is still plenty of time, Ligue 1 kicks off on August 8. Mbappe wants to complete the transfer before the start of the league, not after playing a few games for Paris in the new season. But Real Madrid has never made a formal offer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Kylian Mbappe

The Sincerity of Paris

Marca reports that Paris Saint-Germain has once again offered a high-priced treaty for Mbappé. If Mbappe is willing to stay, Paris Saint-Germain will offer him an annual salary of up to 30 million euros after taxes, and he will enjoy the top salary in the club together with Neymar. At present, in the world of football, only Messi and C Luo have an annual salary of more than 30 million euros after tax, so Paris Saint-Germain is full of sincerity for Mbappe.

Even so Mbappé told Paris that he would not renew his contract at the moment and that he was still waiting for Real Madrid’s offer. Mbappe gave Paris Saint-Germain two options, the first is to sell himself to Real Madrid this summer, the second is his own to the next summer officially free to leave the team. Mbappe rejected Paris Saint-Germain on one side, the other side is waiting for Real Madrid’s response.


According to Spanish media “As” reported, Mbappé has told Real Madrid, if before August 1 is still no formal offer to Paris to buy their own, then he will remain in Paris for one season. Mbappe dared to threaten Real Madrid in this way because he actually wants to stay in Paris for one season. First of all, Paris chairman Nasser is resolute and not willing to let him go, and then after this summer’s reinforcements in Paris, the overall strength of Paris is stronger than the current Real Madrid.

Mbappe no matter where he plays is to win more honors, in the year without the big game, the Champions League title is the key to compete for the Golden Ball, and the Paris lineup has a better chance to win the Golden Ball than the current Real Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe

Of course, Real Madrid also knows that it is quite difficult to bring Mbappe in this summer, because Real Madrid is difficult to come up with the transfer fee to buy Mbappe, and the president of Paris insists that even if they sell Mbappe, they will only accept cash and not exchange players.

Real Madrid’s second choice

Reports say that Real Madrid will be ready to buy Robert Lewandowsk if they don’t successfully introduce Mbappe. Levan is 34 years old, but still very efficient, scoring 48 goals for Bayern last season. He has got all the honors he can get for the club in the Bundesliga and he is looking for a new challenge, which is an opportunity for Real Madrid. As to whether Mbappe will join Real Madrid or stay in Paris, we should know by August 1, after all, this is the deadline that Kylian Mbappé proposed to Real Madrid.

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