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Explanation of Teasers Bets–Sports Betting Type Ⅶ(2021)

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After a few basic types of bets, we’re going to get to know a more advanced type of bet – Teasers.

Actually Teaser ?Bets can be considered as a type of parlay betting and is based on spread betting and totals betting.

If you already understand the concept of odds and have a good understanding basic betting of such as spread betting and totals betting, you can read on directly.

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These basics will help you better understand how Teasers work.

What are Teasers Bets

The reason why Teasers can also be considered a parlay bet is that it involves multiple selections, which include either a spread bet or a total bet. All selections must be correct in order to win the bet. Therefore, Teasers is very suitable for soccer betting.

The best feature of Teasers is that it moves the spread and total in the bettor’s favor, thus increasing the probability of winning.

Next we will use an example to illustrate this.

There is an upcoming match taking place between Monaco and Sparta Prague.

Explanation of Teasers Bets--Sports Betting Type Ⅶ

In this game, let’s say you choose to bet $100 on Monaco. then in a spread bet where the undergo Monaco loses by less than two, you get a payout.

However, in the case of Teasers, you will get a 6-point swing to adjust your spread. That means that Monaco goes from a +2 underdog to a +8 underdog. Whenever Monaco loses by less than 8, you will win.

In Teasers, if the bet is for the total, you will also be given a swing to move your total to make the situation more favorable for you.

Teasers gives bettors more of a cushion and is therefore popular with most people. Especially with today’s race results getting closer to the spread, it helps you to reduce your risk, which of course comes with a reduced reward.

Different odds for different selection of points

As different bookmakers offer different bonuses for Teasers.Let’s go through the data on the Monaco vs Sparta Prague match on the 1XBET website to see how the difference in points leads to different odds.(Fill in the promo code 1x_486072 when you register at 1XBET to get a 100% bonus on your first recharge)

Explanation of Teasers Bets--Sports Betting Type Ⅶ

An example of Teaser

After realizing what the Teaser points are all about, let’s use a three-game 2-point Tears to further illustrate.

Explanation of Teasers Bets--Sports Betting Type Ⅶ

Let’s say we spend $100 on Sheriff Tiraspol, Shakhtar Donetsk, and Monaco for a Tears bet. You will only get the bonus if all 3 of the following occur.

  • 1.Sheriff Tiraspol loses by less than three points, and if it loses by exactly 2 points there will be a push.
  • 2.Shakhtar Donetsk loses by less than two points, and if he loses by exactly 2 points there is a push.
  • 3.Monaco draws with its opponent, or wins the game

If all the above scenarios come true, then congratulations, you’ll get a bonus! According to the 11/6 odds,You will get a payout of $183!

If you’re careful enough, you’ll see that two of the three matches above have the potential for a push. Different bookies have different rules about pushes. Most bookmakers will remove the push and not count it. If there is a push on one of the matches, then you will get a Tears on both teams accompanied by a lower odds.

Explanation of Teasers Bets


We have always believed that knowing more about the basics of sports betting will help you to enjoy betting better and increase your chances of winning at the same time.

If you are interested in this, you can click on the following links to see the content related to sports betting. Feel free to leave us your valuable comments and suggestions.

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